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A Few Words About Us

With rising concerns about global warming and climate change, government policies are steadily leaning towards eco-friendly alternatives to plastics. However, there are no sustainable alternatives available yet.

So, at ECOrrect, we offer a better, bio-degradable, and sustainable replacement to plastics.

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More About ECOrrect

Our products including granules and carry bags are not only 100% biodegradable, but they also consume 40% less energy comparatively. Despite of its novel characters, these granules are compatible to normal plastic machines. Gradually banning plastics is really a concern for the industries. But our products are capable to rejuvenate these plastic industries.

The ECOrrect provide a small but significant contribution in achieving sustainable development goals. It performs optimal utilization of natural resources and contributes to reducing carbon footprint. This patented invention is not only providing a better quality of life but also satisfy the feelings of environment conscious citizens.

ECOrrect has been incubated under GUSEC and being supported by Government grants.

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Let's Meet Ideative


She is an entrepreneur who established ECOrrect Private Limited. Her zeal to prepare bioplastic was started with her post-graduation project at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Being a botanist, she explored nature and found the eco-friendly way to counter the plastic pollution. Her enthusiasm and determination led her idea into a well patented bioplastic.

She enjoys working with plastic machines for the research as well as production. She’s also looking to create more possible bioplastic products. Her aim is to replace plastics products wherever possible. Which ultimately help in reducing Plastic pollution and carbon footprint.

Besides, her innovation has also achieved various notable awards and appreciation.

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What We are Selling

Our Product

We believe in innovation, even if the innovation exists in form of challenges. This is the approach, which has led us to the development of the highest quality of biodegradable plastics. 

Bioplastic Raisins

Fine, even, glossy, transparent beads like granules are available. These granules are prepared from plant- based biopolymers. There is no harmful chemical ingredient like phthalates and bisphenol A included in its preparation. The granules are compatible to all plastic machines. The processing of these granules to final products consumes 40% less energy compared to other biopolymers.

For the production of Bioplastic, we are having a wide range of plant-based raw materials. We make sure that only renewable resources are used for the development of Bioplastic. Renewable resources are environmentally friendly.



  1. Works on normal plastic sheet manufacturing machines.
  2. Produces the same quantity of normal plastic sheets at 40% energy efficiency.
  3. Produces the best quality biodegradable plastic.
  4. Less toxic to nature.

Carry Bags

Various sizes of carry bags are available according to weight. On disposal, these carry bags are degradable in soil within three months. So, these are most suitable replacements for plastic carry bags as single use plastic contribute to pollution. These bags have polyethene like strength and elasticity as well as transparency however these are totally different from plastic regarding raw materials and degradation.

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